Hi there! I'm Malaika, the artist behind the empowering people you're about to meet soon. Welcome, we're excited to have you here!

I started painting in spring 2020 due to having more time in my hands after starting to do my day job remotely from home. My flatmate of the time suggested that I try painting as he had all the materials at home, so I created Amara, the first painting of this ongoing project. By that time, I had no idea where this project would take me, and now, almost a year later, I still don't know exactly where I'm going, but I know the direction is right.

A lot has happened within the past year; I started selling my work through social media in July 2020, then organized and had my very first exhibition in Roasberg café, right in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, for February 2021. Now here I am, starting a business out of a hobby that started less than a year ago. Feels unreal and overwhelming, I must say.  Many new projects and collaborations are coming, and I can't wait to share them with you!

Since the beginning, I wanted to keep my platform as a source of positive, empowering, and powerful energy that lifts your mood. There're currently so many things happening in the world, and following those affects our energy levels as well. The bold colors, groovy music, and sincere stories make us all feel some sort of way. The people I've been creating so far are all imagination. They all have a name, a meaning behind them, and a small story that lets you in that person's life. I wanted to keep the stories short so that they work as an open door to the person's life. After the introduction, you can create a deeper connection and share love and knowledge with each other.

Through this journey, I've gotten to know amazing and inspiring people that I probably wouldn't have ever met elsewhere. Thank you all for welcoming my art to your homes, for the feedback you've given, and for the ideas and energy you've shared with me, I truly appreciate it all.

The artist Mollal Malaika
The artist Malaika Mollel
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